The Swedish Commission on Security and Integrity Protection

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The Commission on Security and Integrity Protection supervises the use by law enforcement agencies of secret surveillance and qualified assumed identities and associated activities. The Commission also supervises the processing of personal data by the Swedish Police, some parts of the Swedish Economic Crime Authority and the Swedish Security Service. In addition, the Commission supervises whether the Swedish Police and the Swedish Security Service comply with the prohibition against using intelligence from the National Defence Radio Establishment to investigate crime. The supervision aims in particular at ensuring that the activities are conducted in accordance with laws and other regulations.

The Commission exercises its supervision through inspections and other investigations. The Commission may make statements on established circumstances and express its opinion on the need for changes in the activities and shall strive to ensure that any deficiencies in laws and other regulations are remedied.

At the request of an individual, the Commission is obliged to check whether he or she has been the subject of secret surveillance or subject to processing of personal data and whether the use of secret surveillance and associated activities or the processing of personal data was in accordance with laws and other regulations. The Commission shall notify the individual that the check has been carried out.

The Commission shall have a maximum of ten members. The chair and vice chair shall be, or have been, a permanent judge or have other equivalent legal experience. The other members shall be appointed from among the persons proposed by the party groups in the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament).

Postal address: Box 22523, SE-104 22 Stockholm

Visiting address: Norr Mälarstrand 6, Stockholm

Phone: +468-617 98 00